Paperless boardsport Events

Wouldn’t it be cool to run an entire surfing event without the need for pens and paper, removing all manual adminsitrative processes?

Boarclub is an application I’ve been working on that not only creates a paperless and admin free event management system, but creates an entire platform for serving events.

If you’re interested in saving hours each event and drastically increasing clubmember engagement, visit and register your interest.

Get the Competitive Edge with Surfing Data Analytics

Surfmetrics is a data modelling and performance analytics web application that can turn data derived from surfing into quantifiable surfing performance increases.

Currently, not even the ASP is collecting and using their athlete data to make decisions, fine tune judging and track performance. At the highest level, even obtaining consistent data around simple things such as athlete profiles and results is near impossible.

After a long process of data collection and data cleansing, we’ve been able to create a consistent and accurate data set of all current ASP dream tour competitors, as well as all ASP dream tour event results going back to 1970′s.

Beta launched several months ago, but the current version is still under development and will be going live before the end of the year and is currently being coupled with another data-driven surfing web application that will change the way surfers and officials interact in the competitive environment.

Claims on Demand

Opting for the early night and early morning heat recap, it’s amazing to sit down and watch ASP heats with a renewed perspective.

I’m all for humanising the sport, letting passion flow through the competitors in their appeals to the judges for scores, but when it’s happening on every single wave potentially over the 6 mark in an effort to garner the additional point or two, it becomes cringeworthy.

Skipping through every heat from round 2 to 3, there were claims by almost every surf in every heat. What makes it worse is that every claim is not to themselves for positive reinforcement, but a direct claim to the judges. Compare that with a claim of a weekend warrior in their first trip to the Ments, getting a proper stand up barrel for the first time. That type of claim will be raw and insular – the person claiming won’t even know or care who is watching.

But the top 44 claims have seriously become laughable and making everyone who does them look a bit ridiculous. The reason I’m not alone thinking this is that every surf who has thrown a legitimate claim understands a proper claim barrier to entry, which is pretty much a 10.

A surf fan v a NFL fan

I really hope and must assume that the new ASP have considered what their fans actually look like, but my gut feeling is that their acquisition and engagement strategy is volume based.

Quite simply, a surf fan who will actually watch competitive surfing, is one who actively engages in the sport themselves. They will surf from 1 to 100 times a year, both individually or with friends, make time and plan other events around it. At this point in time (and until all cartilage has worn out) they have at least some sort of craft, several wetsuits, miscellaneous surf hardware and at least some surf related clothing surf as board shorts. There is no age limitation. They come from different backgrounds, work different jobs, are culturally diverse, but all at their lifestyles are rooted in a spiritual respect for the ocean, whether they know it or not.

An NFL fan on the other hand, played football through high school and possibly college but stopped soon after with a small number playing recreationally with friends should their physical abilities allow it. Works a normal job. Drinks something Anheiser-Busch regularly. Overall, a highly segmented and predictable fan base.

Despite some generalisations on my part, the point is that a surf tribe already exists. The reason for the uniform feeling of uneasyness of most surfers with the ZoSea plans for the ASP and professional surfing, is that our tribe will be diluted and compromised at the expense of margins and misplaced popularity.

I agree that legacy ASP had to change to stay relevant, as their audience sophistication and expectations outgrew them, but I sincerily hope their faith in ex-NFL and entertainment industry executives is well placed and will not result in the bastardisation of one of the most unqiue and stasifying sports in the world – one that arguably should not be judged in the first place.

Telegraphing 10s

I’m 100% on board with rewarding highly critical manoeuvres with excellent scores, but when they are also highly telegraphed I don’t believe a perfect score can be rewarded.

I can’t see how the criteria allows for a wave with a 10 pump set up can be considered ‘perfect’.